The Working Mom 
Eight Weeks Postpartum 
January 22nd, 2021
           As a newly single mom, one of my top priorities is providing for my son.  In this new life chapter, little love has taught me to be purposeful, diligent, and superwoman. Honestly, I have never thought that being a mom could be so beautiful and a 24-hour full-time job. My mother, grandma, and sister are mamas. Now I am a mom who can experience their lives as the mommy who is in charge of cleaning, laundry, cooking, working, having late meals, taking late showers, and caring for your child. Every time I used to see them do all this stuff, I would tell them to take little breaks.  Yet, I am the mommy doing all at once in the house and learning to be everything maintaining good health. 
      Meanwhile, prince Marcos is going through a growth spurt; he has begun Leap 2, in which babies could be a little more aware of patterns, color, and motor skills. But, sometimes, they could become pretty upset all of a sudden. This past week, I began preparing for my remote teaching employment, and my son has become clingy towards me. He is a lot shyer around other people than usual.  My parents recently made an emergency trip to the Dominican Republic, and they have two weeks back from their journey. My son has not yet become comfortable with my mother again. It is a start over process for my mother even though he loves her singing; he can not be in a room without seeing his mama's face.  I know many of you readers might believe he has become a little too spoiled, but I am a multitask mommy, as said in the past blog piece. 
       Although I am the multitasking mom, I have realized I did not consider that I will be doing recorder lectures, which in this case, I will have to nurse Marcos before the four hours course. Then breastfeed him again during my class breaks. Furthermore, Marcos is sleeping more extended hours, which will work great with my work schedule starting next Saturday morning.  I am thankful to Jacqueline on Instagram, an amazing mother of three beautiful kids who share her mommy stuff and health tips.  She shares her three-month-old sleep schedule routine, and I decided to follow her blog piece tips. I started my prince sleep schedule as a one-month-old four weeks ago.  Let me tell you all, and the sleep schedule has worked beautifully for us. We sleep longer at night.  During the day is all about playtime, nap time, and feeding. This technique has done wonders for me as a single mom and entrepreneur. Going back to remote work is exciting and fun because I will be doing something I love teaching digital photography.