New Life

Nine Weeks Postpartum 
January 29th, 2021
   Someone once told me, “I feel sorry for you; it must be hard to be a single mom.” it is not hard at all.  Single motherhood is a beautiful journey, and it has given me control, singularity, confidence, and resilience. As a single mother, I have learned to do it all and be all the business, nurse, artist, consultant, educator, and household mommy with a list of endless titles of an independent woman who can do it all without a man's support.
   My father once told me, “A woman does not always have to be a man to be a woman and evolve on its own, ” and he is right. As human beings, we always tend to believe we need the other human to be stable, but what we need is ourselves first, then the rest will come.  No, I am not saying that all women should be single moms, but if you are, remember that you rock!  Last year, in January, I ended a three-year relationship that I thought was a beautiful moment, but the year before, it reveals to me I needed to love myself first. In the same year, I felt I needed to meet someone new to heal the past love wound, and I became reckless, not self-aware.  
    In the same year, this is when I met the father of my beautiful son. He painted himself as one innocent, loving man, and of course, this was the beginning of a new love chapter. In a month, I became pregnant and trusted my son’s father so much that we moved in together for nine months; everything seemed happy and promising for everyone outside. But, I was being controlled emotionally and psychologically by this man until I gave birth to my Prince in November. 
    In November, I mentally prepared myself to begin my single mom journey, although I doubted myself because I felt like my son needed to have his father around to grow up. Honestly, I was not going to put my child through more than nine months of pregnancy, and yes, I did love my father-son before he revealed his real intentions towards me. In December, I began my single mom journey. It took me to become a mom at 26th years old woman to realize that I needed self-love, self-empowerment, and little love, Marcos. I should've listened to my sister's advice, who had more experience with lovers than I did. But, life gives us a load that we can only carry.  
    New Year came along full of self-love, self-awareness, positivity, opportunities, growth, and single motherhood.  It has been one loving and supporting journey from my family and friends. Seeing my son grow in a healthy environment has been the most excellent choice.  Although I am still getting used to my new body self-care writing, I love myself more, entrepreneurship, yoga, and creativity have crafted the way for the woman I am becoming. This year is about healing and finding myself again through meditation, spirituality, and self-awareness.  I release what no longer serves me. I let go of my relationship past traumas. I invite my single motherhood journey to be full of love, light, happiness, and prosperity. Single motherhood has given birth to a unique and divine woman.