Postpartum Story
Motherhood Journey 

Our first photograph on November 26th 2020

In my motherhood journey, I became very self-aware of my pregnancy by doing yoga, prenatal exercises, meditation, healthy eating, and birthing ball exercises.  As a woman, I mentally prepare myself to focus on giving birth naturally since recovery is faster. And it was going to be more of a bonding experience with my baby boy. However, not everything usually goes as planned when being in the process of becoming a new mom. After nine hours of painful contractions, I decided to ask for an epidural for those that do not know is the anesthesia that goes in your spine's lower area to help you ease the painful pressure of active labor contractions.  Of course, my plans went sideways, I had to receive an emergency c-section for our safety.  The universe, God, and my baby boy’s father only knew how bad I want the process to be over and hold my baby in my arms.  Everything turned out to be at a very fast pace, and I did not get to nurse him or do skin-to-skin at birth but hearing him cry and seeing his face allowed me to remind calm and he was going to be in my arms soon. His father was there to care for him and me during these few hours, I was under the anesthesia side effects.  Becoming a mom to me was a very emotional journey since I wanted everything to be natural without having to use western medicinal methods. In the end, It was love at first sight when I got to hold my baby for the first time.  My prince was born on thanksgiving day and I am the luckiest mommy to have my baby on such a grateful day.

We arrived home three days after Thanksgiving, I began to understand that being a new mom requires a lot of time and dedication.  After my C-section, I was sensitive, going through a reborn process with my body and taking care of my newborn baby.   I became sick with all the side effects of anesthesia post-c-section; I could not care for my newborn baby again. Thankfully, I had the support of my family during these challenging times. At the same time, my relationship became toxic it started to fall apart due to the lack of support from my son's father. I took the approach to end things and focus on myself and my son.   A week later, I recovered from being sick and became better to be fully in charge of my new role as a single mom. Of course, it is normal to feel sad being a single mom and having many worries to support your first child alone. But, as a result of my relationship ending a new life chapter began.  I started my brand and new social media strategies including my baby boy and I Instagram page. During six weeks of postpartum and his growth development, we have bonded more than ever with sleepless nights, tears, and joyful mornings. In the end, one thing I learned as a new mother is that what should matter is my self-care and caring for my baby boy. 
Below is a poem in Spanish for my prince
Y llegaste tú 
Inesperadamente a iluminar mi universo 
En el cual describo en este verso 
El amor más grande de mi vida 
Me ilumina el día y las noches 
Mientras anhelo el escuchar de tus latidos 
Dentro de mi ser
Mientras te veo crecer 
Delante de mis ojos
Lo que nunca imaginé 
Me hace rejuvenecer, renacer y crecer​​​​​​​
-Tú by Yeny Ferreras