The Journey 
Living in the moment with you  
January 14th 2021
Becoming a mother has been a very blessed, busy, and full-time job journey.  I never saw myself being a mom, even though I was always giving advice and telling my friend’s what to do.    They would always tell me you are the mother of the group because you always look after somebody.   However, being a mom is completely different than just looking after your friends. As the saying goes, “With great power goes great responsibility.”  
During my pregnancy, I was teaching remotely, and I had this one student who was a mom and could not find focus in her work because she needed to take care of her baby. Now, I understand her struggle to find orientation in the course and keep up with her work while doing this online class on Saturday mornings.  Being a newly single mom, I have encountered some of my student experience challenges while taking my course.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a plan of how my day will follow through, but it does not always go this way.  As a very organized and multitask mama, I have learned to do things purposely and be realistic about my plans, not exactly how I prepare them. 
One thing that has helped me keep my mental health as a mama through this motherhood journey is keeping myself checked with affirmative writing, meditation reads, and taking breaks to “sleep when the baby sleeps” to recharge my energy.  At the same time, my family, friends, and baby boy have inspired me to do better every day as a new mom and continue to be the thriving woman that gets stuff done. To begin with, I never thought I would enjoy writing as much as I do now.  Moreover, I am working on my photography and graphic design business; my baby boy and I blog and his weekly photoshoot every Friday to document his growth with memories of us. Thus far, motherhood has been a beautiful journey, and I am learning to embrace all of the things that come with it.