Building a Legacy

Seventeen Weeks Postpartum 
March 26th, 2021
I am a 26-year-old woman multifaceted artist in the path of rebranding Yeny Studio. I am an afro-descendant woman. I am the daughter of Dominican immigrant parents who came to America looking for a better future. I am a full-time mom, entrepreneur, and educator.  I am studying many different things to succeed as a new entrepreneur, such as digital marketing. I wake up before sunrise to give gratitude and set affirmations for the day. However, being a full-time mom and running a business is a tremendous job. Currently, I am working merch and home decor campaign titled Empowering Your Roots Campaign on this project because there are only 24 hours in a day, and also, I have a four-month-old baby to take care of.  My business is black Latina owned I have to target my audience in English and Spanish constantly. It is essential to keep my audience welcome from both sides of the Community. I am the daughter of Dominican immigrants parents. I have always thrived on being better to continue on the legacy, but 2.0 now that I am a mom. 
Entrepreneurship has come into my life. Naturally, I have always had the leadership spirit since I was a little girl. Now, I choose the entrepreneur life because I have four years of looking for a job in my career field Graphic Design, no opportunities have been openly available for me, so I decided to be a boss.  As a mom, I have the full-time role of being boss and doing freelance work on the side. You may wonder why now? It is essential to have something that I can pass along to my business to my baby boy and obtain financial freedom. You must be your boss but also learn financial literacy. The company rebranding started in the New Year, which is currently on the digital platforms it is going slowly since they’re new pathogen of COVID-19, I am taking the safety precautions and preparing the studio to be social distancing friendly. 
Your name is your brand and it is as important as any other brands. To build a legacy family must come together first.  I am passionate about photography and graphic design.  These creative choices are my golden child, besides my handsome son. I love that through photography, I am not just capturing an image, also; I am building long-lasting relationships with people.  Through it I can connect deeply with the subject and reveal their smile or pondering thoughts.  As a graphic designer I am able to bring to life an idea of someone else's brain into a visual design. Through graphic design I am able to create an experience of joy, vulnerability, empathy, connection, authenticity, and more elements of branding building elements.