This project is a homage to the Caribbean tribal communities of Tainos. Its titled of empowering your roots focuses on reminiscing the tribal makeup and accessories with a contemporary style for the women who were once part of these communities which includes the following countries Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica. At the same time, I am motivated to do this beauty project of the Tainos is to connect, inspire, teach, and learn more about my native culture by creating an image to portraying the tribal styles, accessories, head wraps colors,and ritual practice that connect us from the Caribbean to our Afro-descendant community. This is just the beginning journey of this beauty photography project of visual storytelling.

Somos afro-descendientes
De los embargos esclavos
En nuestras tierra han nacido
Dentro de un nido
Que se ha unido
A través de los sonidos del tambor
Y el ritmo de sabor Caribeño
Lleno de empoderamiento isleño
Dentro de estas fotografías reflejo mi sueño

Yeny Ferreras, Abilite Rasin Ou Yo, 2019.  In yellow representing Haiti, Samantha Dupiche.  @samyjusofine__
Yeny Ferreras, Empowering your Roots, 2019.  In orange representing Jamaica, Azariel Sudan. @azariel_sudan
Yeny Ferreras, Empoderamiento de tus raíces, 2019.  In turquoise representing Puerto Rico, Ashley Dones. @triple_aaa_battery
Yeny Ferreras, Empoderamiento de tus raíces, 2019.  In royal blue representing Dominican Republic, Yeny Ferreras.  @yenyvisuals

Estrellita Lever. (@starryluuv)

Jordi Foster. (@itz_jordii)