Fitness Journey
Nineteen  Weeks Postpartum 
April 9th, 2021
As mothers and nurtures, we invest most of our time in our kids, forgetting our wellness. Before becoming a mom, I had a very active fitness life and social life before the world shutdown. I kept myself during my pregnancy and post-pregnancy to always find balance for my health and wellness. Why? If mommy is healthy, then she can be a vital caregiver for her healthy baby. Last year, during my pregnancy, I was very active in doing prenatal yoga and exercises to help with my natural delivery plan. It didn’t go as planned as I share on the first blog of my postpartum story. 
Are you wondering how she can keep up as a new mom and entrepreneur with her health and wellness? Every day I try to get up an hour earlier than everyone or if my little prince wakes me up without giving me a sleepless night.  My morning routine begins with journaling, affirmations, coffee talk with mom and dad in the kitchen as my dad gets ready for work. Before the workout, I set my intentions and affirmations for the day with “The Daily Morning Routine Club” on the app called “Clubhouse.” Of course, if the baby isn’t awake yet, I get ready for my earlier workout routine. 
To continue, I used this app called “FitOn” I have about two years of using it before pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. It is a beneficial and fun workout application that helps you keep on track with your wellness while staying connected with friends through it. No, FitOn isn’t paying me to add it into my blog piece; I am just genuinely writing how it has changed my life. At the beginning of March, I started my fitness routine again using my FitOn plan Fit Mama, which specializes in post-natal safety and comfortable workout to get your strength back as a new mama. I began sharing this journey in my Instagram stories every day without expecting anything in return. 
As a new mom, educator, entrepreneur, and social butterfly, wellness is essential for me. However, I felt off-track my workout routine for a couple of weeks because of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is known as when your baby wakes up a lot during the night because their sleeping routine when off, and as a mom to a four-month-old baby, they just want to explore the world around them at night. I love wellness because my dad is a personal trainer & mom used to be a masseuse, which is the biggest reason for my love for fitness. My parents have a significant impact on me in wellness by always remind my siblings and me to eat healthy, exercise, and rest well. But, when you are creative like me, your brain is wired differently, and most of your enlightened ideas come during the night. 
Going back into the FitOn app for working out, it is free. It has a personalized daily fix to remind you to move your body, pilates, yoga, HIIT, & nutrition (if you purchase a yearly subscription). Recently, they asked me to share my story through a survey, and I was not expecting to receive anything in return. On the following date, I received an email expressing that they love my story and want it to share it with their audience. Let me said, I was shocked and in awe because I was only sharing my workouts to inspire other moms and doing this survey as feedback to them as app users. If you aspire for great things in life, then great things will come to fruition. 
Lastly, health and wellness are my mental health stress reliever. I am grateful to be a mother to a beautiful baby boy, but as stated before, “We give our focus to our babies more than to own ourselves.” I wrote this blog piece as a beckoned to inspire other mothers out there to continue to dream big, show up for yourself, get your mind, soul, & body right at your peace. Of course, always find time for yourself because I know you just gave birth to a whole human being, and so are you being in rebirth with yourself.  Always be kind to yourself, keep those who support you close to you, and ask for help because they know how challenging this new motherhood journey can be.