Learning Journey 
Twelve Months Postpartum 
November 26th, 2021
It has been a year of being a new mother and it has been a wonderful journey of high and low. Yes, we can do it all, but sometimes it is okay to take breaks. For a time period, I felt like a superwoman, I wanted to write, create, exercise, meditate, and take care of my baby. However, all of these things burn me out and I had to take time out from it all. But, I am proud of the mother I have become and how much I have grown with my son, and watching him grow has been the most beautiful life experience. 
Although, being a single mom could be chaotic and extraordinary. These are things I have learned during a year of going through postpartum and body changes. One. Enjoy the newborn stage and take all the help that is being offered to you. Trust me it will make the recovery smoother. Two. Feed your body, and rest mama. Three. Don’t compare your postpartum body SnapBack recovery to be like other moms because every body type is different. Four. Feed your mind with a positive reading, meditation, or yoga. Five. If you find yourself feeling sensitive or sad try to talk to somebody or a trustworthy friend because it could lead to postpartum depression. Six. Love yourself always because happy mama happy baby they can send your feelings. This is the advice I wish I knew when I became a new mom because I felt rushed of wanting to embrace it all but at the same time get back to being who I was before being a mom. 
However, as a mommy to my beautiful baby boy. I am the luckiest mama to have been in my life without him. I wouldn't know where I would be. As a mom to a boy, I can tell that he is very protective over his mommy and loves all the attention for himself. These are things I can advise you on as a new mom to a boy. One. Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding with the baby. But also, offer other milk choices when it is time to do so.  Two. Start baby-led weaning at the stage it begins because it will make them less picky when it comes to foods. Three. Stick to a bedtime routine and nap because it will help them adjust as they grow. Four. Teach them basic sign languages to communicate with you. Five. Reading books is great for their brain development. Six. Cuddles and napping are the best!  
Being a mom is changing life experience and you won’t be the same person you were before it. Even if it takes time to get used to it, believe me, you will love the new YOU!